In Retirement

Will & Lorraine have joined the retired --
At least for now!
The Bull is now silent--
At least for now!

Left in The Lurch

Today we got the news
Riley's Whitby Bull Restaurant is closing!

Now there are several questions posing--
Here we are left in the lurch
No place to have breakfast after Sunday church!

Aiken Poets now without a home,
No public place to read a poem!
Poetry must now seek a new space
Riley's our home these past few years
Will be difficult to replace-our worst fear.

Hostess Lorraine reigned with lighted scepter as queen
Will was our culinary Chef Supreme
Light fluffy blueberry pancakes,
Tender filet of steak and hand made crab cakes--
They were his specialty to create.

The lightest of cheesecake by Lorraine Together they made a team of culinary fame!
Graduates of the CIA
With food and service they held a special sway,
Their recipe secrets now locked away.
Oh, the special treats we will miss.
Only tasteful memories to reminisce.

Forty years catering to the public's taste
Memories of food fests to be faced.
Yes, left in the lurch
Now the challenge of a suitable replacement search.

It is the end of an age, but not necessarily the story's last page.
We wish them well-a life of relaxation and contentment
so richly deserved.
Here "to live in a house by the side of the road"
And-watch the traffic speed by!

--Joan M. Lacombe
September 21, 2017